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“This little journal is a joy! It is packed full of inspiring quotes and also leads the reader through six weeks of healing thoughts, prayers and affirmations. The way the pages are outlined beckons you to record your thoughts, feelings (physical, emotional and spiritual) in a way that allows you to see where you are when first starting your healing journey and then review the progress as you go. I believe this is a great tool that you could revisit for a long time and consider it a healing companion on the journey to a full recovery. I am certainly going to be giving this journal out as a gift to anyone I know who needs inspiration to continue to heal.”  Meghan S.

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This book is a gem!

My Lyme story began in 2005, when I was 25 years old. My symptoms included, but not limited to, severe muscle and joint pain, extreme fatigue, debilitating brain fog, short term memory loss and confusion. As everybody else I was misdiagnosed for many month before my blood test came positive for Lyme. I was really happy at first, because finally I knew what was wrong with me and I will be treated for Lyme. However, I was told there is no cure and I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. Also, I was prescribed over 15 different medications to keep me alive. But even with the medications I was in constant pain and bedridden.

I was too young to accept a “death-sentence”. As everybody else I have being  researching all kind of treatments and supplements for Lyme Disease. Over five years I have tried over 40 different “fancy” and “underground” treatments and close to 100 herbs supplements with very little improvement. At one moment I was almost suicidal because I could not live like that anymore. I was fortunate to meet Katrina Starzhynskaya online and later in person. At first I was a little skeptical about her treatment plan and healthy lifestyle. But I had nothing to loose!

I changed my diet to raw vegan with lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh vegetable juices. One month later I went on a juice fast. After 3 days of fasting I had severe reaction, I felt like my old Lyme symptoms that I did not experience for the past 3 years were coming back. I panicked and contacted Katrina. She said it was a great sign because my body was attacking those stubborn bacteria and viruses that had been hiding deep down in my tissues. I fasted total for 21 days. During those 21 days I had bouts of lots of energy and I had days when I was really weak and tired. After I broke my fast, I have continued my raw vegan diet and incorporated all the natural treatments Katrina taught me. Within a month I felt 95% recovered! I could not believe! After 5 years of suffering finally I was becoming Lyme-free! After 3 month I was totally symptom- free and I am symptom free to this day! Lyme is no more part of my life! I am back to professional dancing and none who knows me today would ever guess I was bedridden and terminally ill.

I would like to add, it is not easy at the beginning, especially if you eat standard American diet. Your healing crisis will double because of the caffeine, sugar, and other toxins withdrawal. But after you have made your life style changes, you will never want to go back to your old destructive habits!

I am so grateful to Katrina for getting my life back!

Lisa K., New Jersey