You Will Learn

         You Will Learn…

  • How to REVERSE just about any chronic illness.
  • Who is an “average” person and why medical prognosis are 90% wrong.
  • How to get COMMITTED and take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your health and your life.
  • “Underground” treatments “they” don’t want you to know.
  • How to deal with family/friends when nobody understands.
  • Strategies from a PRACTICAL MANUAL containing proven and effective drugless treatments.
  • The book includes stories from Katrina’s personal experience with — doctor and emergency room visits, healers, herbalists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, shamans, energy healers, and others.
  • Katrina reveals names and treatment options of the best doctors in the country whom she has been seen by.
  • Resources and treatment modalities — conventional and alternative treatments,underground treatments such as Ondamed, Rife machines, Ozone generators, MWO, autohemotherapy — what worked and what did not.
  • You will also discover success stories of others who have suffered from invisible illnesses. Katrina personally interviewed each contributor.

Part twoMaster Steps to Vital Health is a practical section offering complete guide with proven strategies on how to:

  • Rebuild one’s immune system.
  •  Detox through all body pathways and of all major organs.
  • Proper nourishment of the body.
  • Compete reversal of most degenerative illnesses.
  • These proven strategies have helped not only Katrina and hundreds of her clients with chronic illnesses, but also thousands of patients all over the world.